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Nowadays we have the whole world in the palm of our hands, either through the smartphones we carry in our pocket, the televisions and tablets we have at home or the computers we use in our day-to-day lives.

In the era of digital transformation, web presence is no longer exclusive to global companies or online businesses, it is a necessity for any business, regardless of their area, size or region.

As this “blog.hubspot.com” article demonstrates, 46% of all google searches look for local information, and 88% of consumers doing a local smartphone search visit or call the store the same day or the next day.

At Sollogica we enhance the web presence through a set of key areas according to the needs of each organization:

Desenvolvimento de sites web

Web development

Creation of websites, landing pages and call to action forms with different objectives, such as institutional websites, branding, customer support or lead generation.

Gestão de redes sociais

Social media management

Crucial for B2C businesses but also very relevant in B2B. The use of social platforms provides an unprecedented reach to its customers and partners, increasing the visibility of your brand, establishing trust and generating new business.

Optmização para motores de busca

Search engine optimization

Through SEO we help to improve the quality and quantity of visits to your web pages, framing your business marketing strategy with your online content, and ensuring quality content that is well perceivable to search engines.

Web analytics

Web analytics

We collect and transform digital information into knowledge, in order to use technology as a source of knowledge for your business while improving the effectiveness, accessibility and clarity of your digital content.

A well-designed and implemented web presence strategy will allow the growth of new business, while consolidating its position for existing customers and improving business processes.

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