covid vaccine

Despite not being an information technology subject, I need to talk about one of the most relevant aspects of today’s society, at a time that we’re rushing vaccination to avoid new waves, new confinements, new deaths, new burdens on the health system and a new blow to the economy, which will potentially close another series of business that cannot resist in a context that, previously, was already not easy.

The Covid-19 pandemic is, in the latest years, the most important factor in our lives due to the impact it generated on society, in the economy, on human relations or the absence of them, adverse factor to the human condition.

I strongly believe in the scientific process, and confess I was somewhat reluctant at the start of vaccination, when steps were accelerated in the vaccine approval process, to provide a weapon, or more appropriately, a shield, to a society felling fearful and dismayed due to a lack of exits for a worldwide plague.

It was the right thing to do because we couldn’t wait any longer. Because with the development of the Covid pandemic and it’s potential mutations, it can become even more dangerous, so at the first opportunity, I made the appointment and took the vaccine.

The condition we currently live facing the pandemic, is a race against time, because the longer the virus continues to spread throughout the planet, the greater is the probability of new mutations emerge that can make existing vaccines unfeasible, therefore we have to help each others.

Help uncle Anthony, who makes some fantastic dishes, but can’t afford to close the restaurant again.

Help Grandma Mary who has no health or age to easily overcome the pandemic.

Help Robert to continue his studies and to be able to be a teen again.

Help little Emma to be able to play in the park, to meet other kids, to become a child again.

Help each others, because its the basic premise for human evolution.

Help each others.


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