Sollogica partnership with Aircall


We are pleased to announce Sollogica partnership with Aircall, a cloud-based provider of voice solutions with an innovative and competitive offering in the areas of call center and voice platforms.

In an area historically dominated by complex solutions, with dependencies between hardware and suppliers, “un-agile” CTI integrations and high management, implementation and maintenance costs, Aircall provides a practical and innovative offer that removes the complexity of combining suppliers, telephone exchanges and management software, through an easy and complete service at very competitive costs.

Where you need to be

The phone app is located on your computer or mobile phone as needed. Connected to the respective user account, it allows to receive or perform calls anywhere via PC or mobile phone, being the ideal solution for sales and support services working in-office or remotely.

No complex implementations

Removes implementation and integration efforts between operators, hardware infrastructures and business management systems, through a software as a service solution with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Easily connectable

With dozens of prebuilt integrations with the main management systems and custom integration capabilities via API, it connects with your relevant systems in order to effectively manage voice channels in sales, support or other relevant business areas.

Real time information and analytics

Provides real-time monitoring and detailed analytical capabilities, allowing to analyze teams performance or check all the voice traffic performed in a quick and user-friendly interface.


With a transparent subscription model, it ensures your business voice solutions at very competitive costs compared with the current market offering.

For Sollogica it’s a pleasure to be an ally in Portugal to such innovative products, that clearly generate added value for our customers. Aircall is a safe choice in the area of voice communications, with an offering that far exceeds expectations compared to the traditional solutions available in this area.

If you need more information about these subjects or wish to schedule a solution demo, reach us through the available channels.

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