Enterprise Solutions

enterprise solutions

We provide management, implementation, maintenance and support of enterprise solutions in several business areas, from sales and marketing, to production, logistics, human resources, finance and business intelligence.

Business solutions such as CRM, ERP, BI, marketing platforms or helpdesk systems are vital elements to increase business performance, but too often organizations find themselves involved in excessive costs, limited functionality, technical problems and solutions that are not exploited to their full potential.

The alignment between different business needs and the functionalities of software solutions is not a simple exercise, therefore the choice of an implementation partner with experience and knowledge, not only in the solutions but in the entire process, is a key element to rollout successful implementations.

At Sollogica we have the required experience combined with technical and functional knowledge to ensure the success of your software solutions

We’re able to assist in the several process stages, from the selection process and requirements gathering to design, implementation, maintenance and support of business software solutions.






Sugar/Suite CRM

Dynamics 365



Service Management

Business Intelligence

Asset Management

Project Management


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