E-Marketing & Sales

Estratégia de E-Marketing & Vendas para divulgação de conteúdo

An e-marketing & sales strategy is a valuable resource that allows to capture new business as well as the promotion of products, services and brands.

The implementation model and techniques used may vary according to objectives, business area, cultural issues or legal requirements.

One of the most widely used processes today is content based marketing, which effectively encompasses business generation and brand awareness objectives, fulfilling legal requirements even in countries with stricter privacy legislation’s given its less intrusive approach compared to classic methods.

Combined with a content dissemination strategy, such as ToFu, MoFu and BoFu visible in the image aside, these processes allow to significantly increase the visibility and profitability of businesses.

At Sollogica we use a set of E-Marketing and Sales processes that allow you to increase the visibility and profitability of your business

We define and implement solutions according to the needs of each organization, focusing on all steps of the customer journey in order to provide a customer experience that fulfills the proposed objectives.

In this subject we highlight the following areas of intervention:

  • Inbound e outbound marketing
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead aquisition and qualification
  • Customer experience
  • Sales management
  • Sales force automation

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