Another satisfied customer!

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“It was a pleasure!” These were the words of Torre Fashion Group CEO, during the formal delivery of the multi-channel support solution developed by Sollogica.

Torre S.A. is a reference at European level in men’s ceremonial and formal clothing, with recognized tradition and experience in the sector, standing out for its strong commitment to national design, planning and production. With the goal of improving customer service processes, Torre invited Sollogica to present a proposal in order to satisfy the presented requirements.

With the dedication and commitment that characterizes us, Sollogica’s proposal, based on the Hubspot and Aircall platforms, stood out from the competition, and through the centralization of customer information, process standardization, production of analytical information and support channels improvements, quickly turned into a successful project. In the words of Gonçalo Soares, CEO of Torre SA:

“The partnership established with Sollogica… was a highly positive process at all levels: Technical, Collaborative, and above all in the Implementation component…

At the technical level, we found in Sollogica the partner that provided us with a clearer picture of the path we wanted and needed, making it possible to analyze the several possibilities in an uncompromising way with the final solution. There is a permanent concern of adapting the solution to the customer’s needs, in a uninterested way, something that reinforced the context of trust that was established from the beginning.

I speak of the Collaborative Capacity, for the positive and creative approach to the problems / situations that were successively presented, and which was always able to respond to. Balanced solutions were found for the challenges presented. Creative solutions and always with the economic angle in mind.

Finally, in terms of Implementation, there’s nothing better than saying that the objectives we set ourselves at the start of the project were successfully met and all the project’s Stakeholders, including myself, were satisfied.”

On our part, we can thank all the dedication and commitment Torre team provided throughout the several stages of the project, as this close collaboration was one of the key elements for its success.

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