There’s a new player in the market that i’d like to introduce.

Sollogica is the result of years of professional experience applying a simple principle that is now transported into a new business: Utilize technology and knowledge to improve the performance of organizations at all levels, through a quality of product and service that sets us apart from the current market offer.

This term knowledge used in the previous paragraph will be subject of a specific article, but in a brief approach it’s used in this sentence to characterize the outcome of information processing, that is shaped and refined to produce facts and procedures that allow to know what actions should be made, how to do them and when to make them.
I will surely have opportunities to put this process of producing knowledge from information into practice, due to the extent of information gathering methods but where usually are difficulties to extract knowledge from it.

What will also be subject to detailed analysis is product and service quality. In an increasingly competitive market where innovation and quality have become mandatory to ensure business stability, Sollogica invests on the innovation of practices and processes that applies to ensure a service offering of excellence, through classic principles that act as a foundation to the business processes:

Professional posture allied to a clear and coherent speech

Dedication and sense of commitment

Transparency, organization and coherence

Careful management of customer objectives and expectations

Presentation of results performed frequently and sistematically

And last but most importantly: The satisfaction of customer needs

We use these principles throughout all our processes, framed in the corporate positioning through three key areas:

Service Quality

The key of this area that encompasses several business processes is in the concepts of “customer journey” and “customer experience”, where the first determines the entire interaction process with the customer and the last maps in detail all the interaction stages.

Product Quality

Ensures that the product or service meets the customer expectations, through it’s correct development, validation, delivery and understanding.

Operational Quality

Follow-up of the previous areas due to it’s interconnection or dependency, will ensure uniformity, traceability, efficiency and security, in a context of continuous evolution.

We intend that these principles allied to the knowledge and expertise we offer can translate into added value to our customers, allowing to elevate organizations into new levels of knowledge, performance and profitability.

I hope this introduction article has provided a brief vision of Sollogica. If you wish to know more reach us through email, phone or our contact form.

Thank you and see you soon!

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